Innovating through inclusion

Our people are our competitive advantage. In an organization of our size, our greatest asset is the 84,000+ employees who bring our purpose to life. We understand the value of diversity, opportunity and experience, and bring these together to create a great workplace.

Our culture aligns business and technology, and embraces imagination and innovation. As an employer of choice, we attract, inspire and empower our people with opportunities to learn, grow and lead change. That’s why we’ve stepped up our initiatives to build a more inclusive and entrepreneurial culture inside and outside the bank. This happens through training, mentorship, employee resource groups, innovation challenges, unique speaker series like RBC Disruptors®, and the chance to create cutting edge technologies.

Diversity and Inclusion is more than just a value at RBC; it’s at the heart of creating equitable opportunities for all employees to reach their potential. When we challenge ourselves to create an environment where everyone can make an impact, we drive engagement, and that’s how we fuel innovation and growth.

Top tech talent

With profound disruption in our industry and environment, we are hiring and collaborating with people to shake up and shape the future of the financial industry. We are changing the client experience by thinking and working differently with the support of new technologies and ideas dreamed up in our innovation and data labs. Globally, these ideas have generated over 225 patents that are either pending or issued for RBC.

We’re bringing in employees with emerging skills in areas such as data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, and Blockchain. We were also the first Canadian bank to invite innovators to connect and transform their ideas into apps with the launch of RBC DevelopersTM, our Application Programming Interface Developer Portal.

And as artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly influences every decision we make as a bank, we’ve expanded our curiosity-driven team of academics and scientists at Borealis AI, an RBC Institute for Research. We’re also finding partners to advance training, amplify new research and grow emerging AI talent. With responsible and ethical AI in mind, we’re pushing the boundaries of machine learning to enhance our business, while helping to keep Canada at the forefront of global innovation.