Driving diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is more than one of our core values – it’s an engine for growth, innovation and prosperity. We know our workplaces and communities are stronger when everyone feels respected and empowered, and we’re committed to driving meaningful change.

A watershed moment can drive positive change

My mother grew up during the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, AL. When she was 14 years old, she marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King to help dismantle Jim Crow laws.

As a child, my mom and I would create elaborate collages for school presentations during Black History Month. She shared candid stories from her childhood and introduced me to inspiring leaders—people who had a sense of justice and a sense of purpose. These leaders came from diverse backgrounds, and each person contributed in different ways in the fight for equality.

Childhood memories and my mom’s lessons came back to me earlier this year. Tragic examples of racism triggered feelings that are often buried deep, and became a sobering reminder that there’s a long road ahead in the fight for equity.

What I’ve learned, is that we can harness those feelings of frustration to drive change. As co-chair of RBC’s U.S. Diversity Leadership Council, I have the pleasure of working with a diverse group of colleagues who are passionate about speaking up for inclusion, redefining inclusive leadership and advocating for marginalized communities.

This moment in our lives is not a closed chapter in our history books. We need to get comfortable with having those uncomfortable conversations that can help us heal and grow. When we do, we will see that our hopes, dreams and ambitions are interwoven and we all benefit from advancing a culture of inclusion.

Natasha Holiday
Managing Director, Municipal Finance
RBC Capital Markets, U.S.

D&I/ Highlights

> Since 2015, we have increased the percentage of women executives from 38% to 46%(1) and the percentage of BIPOC executives from 16% to 21%(1)(2)
> Recognized as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers by Mediacorp, and named to the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the fourth year in a row
> Announced a series of actions to help tackle systemic racism in our communities, including:

  • $100-million commitment in small business loans over five years to Black entrepreneurs
  • $50-million investment over the next five years through RBC Future Launch® for skills development and mentoring programs for BIPOC youth

(1) Represents data for our businesses in Canada governed by the Employment Equity Act
(2) Based on employee self-identification