Creating more value through our tech and data strategy

We’ve combined our trusted brand, differentiated technology platform and ability to leverage data to unlock extraordinary insights that will help our clients bring their greatest ambitions to life.

Artificial intelligence (AI) that delivers tangible results

Almost all of the world’s data has been created in the last few years(1). This growing reservoir provides our traders with reams of actionable insights. But only if we can separate the signal from the noise.

RBC’s AI-based trading platform goes further by explaining outcomes, so we can continuously monitor and elevate our own performance. Aiden™ also adapts to our feedback and market experiences while reducing manual intervention. That delivers savings in time and money. It also enables our trading team to increase the value they add to the investment process for the benefit of our clients. We use innovative platforms such as Aiden™ to augment our trading desk, and it’s a key to helping us sustain a competitive advantage.

That said, our relationship with RBC goes deeper than technology platforms. Together, we are aligned in harnessing big data and AI to evolve with an ever-changing marketplace and, in turn, we’re delivering desired results for our respective clients.

Marc Wyatt
Head of Global Trading, T. Rowe Price

Creating an ecosystem for ethical AI

Borealis AI developed RESPECT AI, a new online hub that brings open source research code, academic research, tutorials and lectures to the AI community, enabling developers to build more trusted services and products. The program consists of publicly available scientific research and research code, as well as training material and thought leadership to help make ethical and responsible AI available to all.

In 2020 we launched Aiden, an AI-based electronic trading platform. Aiden tackles one of the biggest challenges in the field of AI today – applying deep reinforcement learning in a constantly changing environment like equities trading. Aiden is designed to navigate the challenges of fluid and dynamic market conditions in real-time, without the need for continuous re-coding like traditional trading algorithms.

Building a secure cloud

RBC and Borealis AI invested in an innovative AI private cloud platform in partnership with Red Hat and NVIDIA. This new platform significantly accelerates our ability to develop AI models, driving efficiency and leading to faster, more innovative solutions for our clients.

Data-driven insights

Small business clients received nearly 85,000 offers from RBC Insight EdgeTM—a digital solution that provides real-time market insights to help clients grow their businesses.

490 million+ insights

read by clients through NOMI® Insights, helping them stay on top of their finances

1.5 million+ budgets set

through NOMI® Budgets since launch in April 2019

$349 saved on average per month

for our clients through NOMI Find & Save®

3.8 million+ questions answered

through Ask NOMI®–a text - and voice-based chatbot on RBC’s banking app launched in March 2020

Value beyond banking

2 million+ clients

have personalized plans through MyAdvisor®—an online service that helps clients create digital, dynamic plans to reach their financial goals(2).

25,000+ entrepreneurs chose OwnrTM

by RBC Ventures as the digital tool to register or incorporate their business(3). And with the acquisition of Founded Technologies this year, Ownr™ became a leading platform for entrepreneurs to start and manage their business in Canada.

(1) U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
(2) Number of plans activated since the launch of MyAdvisor® in 2017
(3) Cumulative figure since the launch of Ownr in November 2017