Transforming the employee experience

Our success comes from the over 86,000 employees who bring our vision, values and strategy to life. We’ve built a highly-engaged team, and our people are empowered to learn, innovate, grow, and pivot. This was exemplified in how we mobilized to meet the needs of our clients in 2020.

Switching roles to rise to the challenge

Before the pandemic changed our lives in March, I was working in our head office in Toronto, managing distribution for our Term Investments and Savings products. If I was to describe a typical week back then, I was focused on ensuring RBC clients knew about the services and products we have available to assist them, and supporting our advisors.

As the spread of COVID-19 accelerated, “typical” went out the window. Like so many people across RBC, I looked for an opportunity to step up and help our clients and my colleagues. In my case, this meant moving from my head office role to one with RBC Direct Investing – our online brokerage – responding to the growing volume of clients looking for new accounts.

Wherever we work in the bank, we know how crucial RBC is to our clients and our communities. The global pandemic, and the extraordinary changes that came with it, meant that for the many RBCers who changed roles to help serve the increased needs of our clients, we had to hit the ground running. This was made possible by so many people, whether it was our colleagues who trained us or the IT team members who helped us move seamlessly from working at our offices to working from home. Everyone truly came together to support our clients and each other.

The past several months gave me the opportunity to see the impact that my colleagues and I can have firsthand. It’s been a true testament to how focused we are on helping clients, and how we’re thinking and working differently to do just that, especially during these very challenging times.

Sara Kassim
Director, Control Design & Remediation
Canadian Banking Operations, Toronto, Ontario

The Technology & Operations team responded quickly to the new requirements created by COVID-19
> Over 80% employees moved to work from remote locations in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic

Strong support for our employees’ health, safety and well-being

> Continued to pay eligible employees unable to work due to COVID-19
> Up to 20 days paid leave for employees unable to work from home to manage personal needs
> Special compensation program of $50/day for eligible employees working onsite during the crisis(1)
> $400 stipend towards equipment to enhance home workspace comfort and productivity for eligible employees
> Enhanced digital capabilities and resources to support client interactions, enable virtual collaboration and employee wellness

(1) Program implemented from April to June 2020